Spatiotemporal Recording in the Field


  • Theofanis Maragkos Ionian University, Department of Music Studies
  • Andreas Mniestris Ionian University, Department of Music Studies


A method for recording continuously, in motion without audible interference by the recording apparatus is proposed. The purpose of this method is the verisimilar reproduction of soundscapes as spatiotemporal continua without any audible traces of the recording procedure, i.e. transparently. This method is the result of an experimental plan to capture spatial variability of a sound field along with its temporal counterpart envisaging audio reproduction of field recordings as spatiotemporal entities. The sound recorded in this manner captures the finest details of the changes of soundscape due to its spatial variability that should be otherwise artificially calculated. For this purpose, the Moving Sound-Receptor (MSR) system was designed and tried in a variety of field recording situations. In this paper, we present an overview of this system and its use in field recording projects. Particularly, we examine its use in recording along vertical trajectories.