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Anglo-Saxon manuscripts in microfiche facsimile / Phillip Pulsiano, general editor; A.N. Doane, executive director ; Ro_nald E. Buckalew, associate editor ; editorial and advisory board, Carl T. Berkhout ... [et al.] [descriptions by A.N. Doane].
p. cm. - (Medieval & renaissance texts & studies; v. 136,) In English with segments in Anglo-Saxon and Latin.
Provides descriptions of manuscripts held in various libraries, including the manuscript's history, codicological features, collation, list of contents, notes on special features and problems, and selected bibliography.
May be used as guide to microfiche collection with the same title. Contents: v. 1. Books of prayers and healing.
ISBN 0-86698-141-1
1. Great Britain-History-Anglo-Saxon period, 445-1066- Sources-Manuscripts-Facsimiles-Indexes. 2. Civilization, Anglo­ Saxon-Manuscripts-Facsimiles-Indexes. 3. Manuscripts, English (Old)-Facsimiles-Indexes. I. Pulsiano, Phillip, 1955- . II. Doane, Alger Nicolaus, 1938- . III. Buckalew, Ronald E. IV. Series. [DA150]
015'.31-dc20 94-37257
This book is made to last.
It is set in ACaslon,
saddle-stitched, and printed on acid-free paper to library specifications.

Printed in the United States of America

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