Canterbury Cathedral Library Additional 32 Gregory the Great, "Dialogues" (fragment)

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A. N. Doane


111. Canterbury Cathedral Library Additional 32

Gregory the Great, "Dialogues" (fragment)

[Ker 97* (p. lxiii), Gneuss 208]

HISTORY: Early 11c Anglo-Caroline fragment of Gregory's "Dialogues" with OE glosses. The glosses may derive from Canterbury, Cathedral Library, Additional 25 [110] (Yerkes 1977: 130, n. 2). The item was discovered by William Urry and removed in August 1956 from the binding of Canterbury printed book Z.19.9, Io[hannes] Foucherius, Formulae Exercendarum Causarum (Paris 1543).

[Note: The photostat of the printed title page that is kept with the manuscript is reproduced but not legible on the film, and a supplementary photocopy is reproduced on the fiche. Ker: "The binding has a panel stamp on each cover. The panels are badly worn and I am indebted to Mr. J.B. Oldham for their definite identification with Goldschmidt, Medieval and Renaissance Bindings [sic], nos. 177, 179 (= Weale, nos. 433-34). They are Netherlandish in origin, but they may have been used in England" (Cat. lxiii).]

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