Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS. Hatton 76 (4125) Gregory's (Wrerferth's) "Dialogues"; "Admonitio of St. Basil"; "Herbarium"; "Medicina de quadrupedibus"

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Christine Franzen


382. Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS. Hatton 76 {4125)

Gregory's (Wærferth's) "Dialogues"; "Admonitio of St. Basil"; "Herbarium"; "Medicina de quadrupedibus"

[Ker 328, Gneuss 632, 633, 634)

HISTORY: Hatton 76 contains two· parts, called A (ff. 1-67) and B (ff. 68-139) below, which were originally separate. Ker (Cat.) dates Part A s. xi1, B.1 s. xi med., and B.2 xi/xii. Part A.1 contains fragments of a revision of Wrerferth's translation of Gregory's "Dialogues" into OE, perhaps done in Worcester a century or a century and a half later, around 950-1050 (see Yerkes 1978 and 1979: xvi). Part B.1 contains an OE version of the enlarged "Herbarium" and "Medicina de quadrupedibus" (see Hollis and Wright 1992: 311-24, on the contents and tradition of these texts). Both parts were certainly in Worcester by the first half of the 13c at the latest, when they were glossed by the Worcester tremulous hand. It is not known when they were bound together. The manuscript was in Worcester in 1622-1623 when Patrick Young made his catalogue (no. 322; see Atkins and Ker 1944). It was borrowed and not returned by Christopher, Lord Hatton, along with the other manuscripts which now form the Hatton collection, sometime before August. 1644. It was used by Dugdale around this time for his OE-English glossary in Bodleian Library, Dugdale 29. On Hatton's death in July 1670, Hatton 76 was sold, along with most of the others which he had obtained from Worcester, to Robert Scot, a London bookseller. The Bodleian Library obtained Hatton 76 and the rest from him in 1671. A transcript of Part B.1 (now Bodleian Library, Junius 58) was made by Francis Junius (1589-1677), who also made many annotations in Hatton 76. Formerly known as Hatton 100.

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