London, British Library Royal 1 B. vii Early Northumbrian Gospel Book

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A. N. Doane


281. London, British Library Royal 1 B. vii

Early Northumbrian Gospel Book

[Ker 246, Gneuss 445, Lowe 2.213]

HISTORY: Written in England in the late 7c/early 8c, probably in Northumbria. The text is akin to that of the Lindisfame Gospels (London, BL, Cotton Nero D. iv [206]) and has the same lists of Neapolitan feasts (Morin 1891 ), but it is apparently copied from a common exemplar rather than directly from Lindisfame. Use of red capitals in the capitula lectionum, etc., is an Italian practice (seen also in the Codex Amiatinus [Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Amiatino 1] and the Codex Beneventanus [BL Additional 5463]) rather than a Northumbrian one and suggests an uncial exemplar, a Northumbrian copy of a south Italian original (Kendrick et al. 1960: 2.44, see also 2.46). Other English manuscripts of similar date with south Italian connections are the Burchard Gospels (Würzburg, Universitätsbibliothek, M. p. th. f. 68) and the Echternach Gospels and St. Willibrord's Calendar in Paris (Bibliotheque Nationale, lat. 9389 and 10837). An added manumission (f. 15v) written about 925 (the earliest preserved A-S manumission) has been attributed to Christ Church, Canterbury (Wanley 1705: 181) without further substantiation. Listed in the Royal inventory of'1666 (Public Record Office, Augmentation Office, Misc. Books 160 [E315 / 160], f. 3r). Rebound in 1983.

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