London, Lambeth Palace 489 Homilies

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Jonathan Wilcox


318. London, Lambeth Palace 489


[Ker 283, Gneuss 520]

HISTORY: Lambeth 489, like the first part of London, BL, Cleopatra B. xiii [185] and the first part of Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 421 [59], is written by Exeter scribes associated with Bishop Leofric, who moved the see from Crediton to Exeter during his bishopric (1046-1072). The manuscript was in the hands of Archbishop Parker in early modern times in view of the table of contents on f. [iii] recto (where the first three items are related to page numbers in an unknown manuscript) and the script of the catchwords on the first two quires. A second table of contents on f. [v] verso is written in ink in two hands. The manuscript spent some time in Cambridge University Library in view of the oldest of three pressmarks visible on f. [ii] verso, #.J .θ.24, which presumably dates from 1646-1662, when the Lambeth manuscripts were at Cambridge (see Ker, Cat., 346). The manuscript was repaired and the leaves restored to their right order in June 193 7, according to a penciled note on f. [i] recto.

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