Cambridge, University Library Kk. 1. 24 Fragmentary Gospel Book

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A. N. Doane


102. Cambridge, University Library Kk. 1. 24

Fragmentary Gospel Book

(with B.L. Cotton Tiberius B. v, ff. 74, 76 [229] + B. L. Sloane 1044 f.2 [305])

[Ker 22, Gneuss 21, Lowe 2. *138]

HISTORY: Fragmentary English Gospel Book of late 7c / early 8c written in insular majuscule, containing parts of Luke and John. Was almost certainly at Ely in the 10c, to judge by the added documents (see below). Lowe considered it a Northumbrian production, comparing the script on ff 186v-187v to the Cassiodorus "Commentary on Psalms," Durham, Cathedral Library B. II. 30, which he dates "s. viii med." (Lowe 2.152); this script also resembles that of the second part of B.L. Egerton 1046, Wisdom and Ecclesiasticus (Lowe 2.194b, cf. Marsden 1995: 265-66), though both Durham and Egerton have more minuscule elements. "It is probably one of the manuscripts acquired for the University Library in 1584-5 and 1589 from, or through the good offices of, Andrew Perne, Master of Peterhouse and Dean of Ely" (Ker). The James number '119' is at the top off. 123r (T. James: 1600, no. 119), also at bottom left and painted on the fore-edge. One and perhaps two leaves from this manuscript were bound into British Library Cotton Tiberius B. v [229], f. 74 and f. 76, by 1621, when Cotton records ownership. The former is an originally blank leaf with documents from Ely and Bedfordshire of the second half of the 1 Oc. Tiberius f. 76 was the last leaf of John's Gospel in Kk.1.24, with, added on the verso, an 1 lc document relating to Hatfield, Hertfordshire, an estate belonging to Ely. The upper part of this leaf is British Library Sloane 1044 [305], which belonged to John Bagford (1650-1716). [Note: The photos reflect the state of the book before the March 1998 rebinding. The description refers to the images and corrects information from the images that is no longer current.]

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