Spangenberg, Pfarrarchiv Hr. Nr. 1 Fragment of Servi us upon "Aeneid"

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A. N. Doane


467. Spangenberg, Pfarrarchiv Hr. Nr. 1

(Marburg, Hessisches Staatsarchiv 319)

Fragment of Servi us upon "Aeneid"

[Ker, Supp. 421, Gneuss 935, Lowe, Supp. 1086)

HISTORY: A bifolium containing Servius upon Aeneid. Written probably in south-west England, second half of the Sc (Lowe, Supp. 1806). The script is similar to those of marginalia in Fulda, Landesbibliothek Bonifatius 1 (Lowe 8.1196), a Diatessaron, the notations perhaps being in the hand of Boniface himself. The same type of Sc cursive pointed minuscule is also found in marginalia of St. Petersburg Public Library Q.v.I.15 (Lowe 11.1618), Isidore, Jerome, and Aldhelm, and Oxford Bodleian Douce 140 (Lowe 2.237), Primasius. This is the oldest extant copy of Servius and contains the text known as "Servius Auctus" or "Scholia Danielis" (the "DS" recension), a conflation of the original Servian commentary with another by an unknown hand (Murgia 1975: 3, 71). This recension probably originated in England. The consensus is that the manuscript came to Fulda with the Bonifatian mission. Fulda was destroyed and its manuscripts dispersed in 1640. This leaf formed the cover of a parish register, or "Presbyterial Protokolle," dated 1660-1664, from the Protestant parish church of Spangenberg, about 80 km. northwest of Marburg. The register came to the Hessische Landesbibliothek in Marburg about 1920, and at that time the identity of the cover was recognized and it was detached from the register. Contains the integral OE gloss: 'talaria sax(onice) fetherhaman,' f. lr/28 (light side, right).

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