Cambridge, Trintiy College, O.3.7 Boethius, "De consolatione philosophiae", with gloss

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Michael Wright
Stephanie Hollis


90. Cambridge, Trinity College, 0.3.7 (1179)

Boethius, "De consolatione philosophiae", with gloss

[Ker 95* (Addenda, p. lxiii), Gneuss 193]

HISTORY: A distinguished copy of the "Consolatio" with apparatus of lives, glosses, metrical treatises, pictures, decorated initials, hierarchical script, etc. The text of Boethius in a hand of s. x2 (Keynes 1992: 22) is accompanied by a full Latin gloss of the revised Remigian type T (Courcelle 1939: 12-51 and 1967: 405; Bolton 1977a: 382; 19776: 40); this gloss is "almost, but not quite, identical with Remigius' own text'' (Beaumont 1981: 290), written in a contemporary hand. There is an elaborate system of reference marks keying the gloss to the text.

The manuscript is No. 993 in the late 15c catalogue of the library of St Augustine's, Canterbury, compiled ca. 1495 (second folio 'limen'; James 1903: 302). It was given to Trinity College by Roger Gale (1672-1744), Fellow of Trinity and a Yorkshire antiquarian, in 1738.

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