Haarlem, Stadsbibliotheek 188 F 53

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Rolf H. Bremmer
Kees Dekker


137. Haarlem, Stadsbibliotheek 188 F 53

Binding strip from a glossed Anglo-Saxon Psalter

with Cambridge, Pembroke College 312 C nos. 1-2 [72] and

Sondershausen, Schlossmuseum, Hs Br. 1 [466a]

[Ker 79 and Supp. 79; cf. Gneuss 141]

HISTORY: Part of a conjugate pair, preserving the inner fold and, on the horizontal, part of each leaf, 325 x 50 mm., removed from an unidentified binding. It comes from a mid-llc A-S psalter in the Gallican version with an interlinear OE gloss. The erroneous signature written on either side of the Haarlem fragment, '168 B 4: is certainly not the shelfmark of the original book. The fragment was noticed by W Hellinga in the Haarlem Stadsbibliotheek and published a few years later by Derolez in 1972.

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