Cambridge, Jesus College 15 (Q. A. 15) Peter Lombard, "Sentences"; Ælfric, Homilies (palimpsest) [Ker 74, Gneuss 122]

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Jonathan Wilcox


65. Cambridge, Jesus College 15 (Q. A. 15)

Peter Lombard, "Sentences"; Ælfric, Homilies (palimpsest)

[Ker 74, Gneuss 122]

HISTORY: A 13c manuscript of Peter Lombard's "Sentences" (date from Ker Cat.; James 1895: 13, says "14c") has been bound with older leaves, partly written over, which originally contained JElfric's homilies. Pope (1967-68: 89) observes that the collection was likely drawn from textually late copies of JElfric's homilies, arranged in a non-temporal order. Godden suggests that the manuscript "looks rather like a collection of general homilies for any occasion" (1979: lxxiv). The OE, written in the first half of the llc (Ker Cat., 123), has been partly erased, presumably when the leaves were re-used. A table to the "Sentences" was entered in a hand of the 13/14c. At that stage the manuscript belonged to Durham Cathedral Priory, in view of an entry in a Durham catalogue from the late 14c, which identifies both the text and the first word of the second folio, namely 'pl<ur>alitatis' (James 1895: 13-14). The text of the "Sentences" is headed in an early modern hand 'Textus iiiior libror<um> s<e>n<tent>iar<um> E'. The composite manuscript was already as it is now by the 13c/14c.

The manuscript was given to Jesus College by Thomas Man in 1685, as recorded in a note written in ink in the center off. ix verso: 'Liber Coll Jesu. | Ex dono Mri. Man Collij Socij Jan.21.1685'. An earlier classmark, 'M-H-6' is written in the center of this leaf and scribbled over, with the current Jesus College designation, 'Q-A-15' (corrected in pencil from 'N-A-15') inked beneath this. The same marks of ownership are evident on the inside of the front board, with 'M-H-6' written centrally and 'Q. A. 15' written on the top right. The board also contains an ex libris paste-in of the Jesus College coat of arms and the legend 'Collegium Jesu Cantabrigiense | 1700'.

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