Rouen, Bibliotheque Municipale Y.6 (274) Sacrarnentary ("Missal of Robert of Jurnieges")

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Peter J. Lucas
Angela M. Lucas


445. Rouen, Bibliotheque Municipale Y.6 (274)

Sacrarnentary ("Missal of Robert of Jurnieges")

[Ker 377; Gneuss 921]

HISTORY: A deluxe service book well known for its lively illustrations and sumptuous illuminations using gold leaf; this manuscript was written probably at Peterborough 1014 x 1023 (but cf. Hohler 1955), or possibly Ely (Tolhurst 1955), by the hand whom Bishop (1967: 39-40) called Scribe B (illustrated in Bishop 1971: pl. XI.13), who also wrote Cambridge, Trinity College MS B.10.4 and wrote or contributed to others (listed by Bishop 1967: 39-40 and by Heslop 1990: 181). For historical evidence of the making of sacramentaries at Peterborough around this time see William of Malmesbury's Vita Wulfstani, Bk. 1, ch. 1 (Darlington 1928: 5). The illustrations mark each of the most important liturgical feasts. The OE is written in the main hand of the Missal, in a style that suggests to Dumville (1991: 52) a date not later than the first decade of the l lc, but it is probably a few years later. Given by Robert ofJumieges when bishop of London (1044-1051) to Jumieges as recorded in an l lc inscription on f. 228r (item 6 below); the Jumieges class-mark 'K.10' is written on f. ii verso (for the movement of manuscripts from England to Normandy at this time see Gameson 2003). It was transferred from Jumieges to Rouen at the French Revolution and has been in the Bibliotheque Municipale since its foundation in 1809. The binding of 1961 is of light-tan calf with blind-stamped borders (film shows the previous binding). Previous descriptions by Henri Omont in Catalogue 1849-1918: n.s.l (1886), 53, and in Leroquais 1924: 1.99.

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