Lincoln Cathedral Library 298, no. 2 OE "Heptateuch'' (fragment)

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Rolf H. Bremmer
Kees Dekker


161. Lincoln Cathedral Library 298, no. 2

OE "Heptateuch'' (fragment)

[Ker 125, Gneuss 276]

HISTORY: A fragment consisting of the remains of one bifolium ( two onceconjugate leaves) containing part of the text of Numbers from what was probably a manuscript from the OE Heptateuch; it dates from the second half of the l lc. Wanley (1705: 305) mentioned that it was used as the cover of another manuscript. According to Crawford (1920: 1), the fragment was considered lost in the 19c, only to be rediscovered by R. M. Woolley in the process of his cataloguing the manuscripts of Lincoln Cathedral Chapter Library. It has the siglum "Ln" in Marsden's edition (2008), who gives a description (lxiii-1.xv), and discusses its textual tradition (clvii-clx). The fragment is now kept as item 'B' (no. 2) in an album containing a collection of fragments from the Library of Lincoln Cathedral.

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