Oxford, Bodleian Library, Bodley 708 (2609) Gregory, "Cura Pastoralis"

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Matthew T. Hussey


365. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Bodley 708 (2609)

Gregory, "Cura Pastoralis"

[Ker 316; Gneuss 590]

HISTORY: A complete copy of Gregory's Latin "Pastoral Care:' representative of an insular textual family of the early uncorrected recension of the "Pastoral Care" (Clement 1985: 1-13; Dekkers in Rommel et al. 1992: 1.106). Written in an anglo-caroline minuscule of ca. 1000, probably at Christ Church, Canterbury. Bishop identified three scribes, one of whose work is extant in several other manuscripts from Christ Church, representing some of the earliest English caroline minuscule at that foundation (Bishop 1971: no. 10, p. xxv and 1959-63: 94 and 420-22). The manuscript likely was acquired by Leofric for Exeter from Christ Church; it appears he acquired other manuscripts from Canterbury, at least one from Christ Church (Oxford, Bodl. Lib., Auct. F.1.15 (343]) (Bishop 1959-63: 415; Drage 1978: 271 and 406; Treharne 2009: 524). Leofric donated the book to Exeter at some point between 1050 and 1072, and, Drage suggests, later rather than earlier in this period (Drage 1978: 37); Leofric's donation inscription was added by one of the scribes of the Exeter scriptorium in the third quarter of the 11c (Drage 1978: 405-6); Bodley 708 has been identified with one of the items donated and listed in Leofric's "Inventory "": the "liber pastoralis" (inventory ed. Lapidge 1994: 137; ed. Conner 1993: 232-33). The manuscript appears to have remained at Exeter through the later Middle Ages, as it is listed in the inventories of 1327 and 1506 (Oliver 1861: 302 and 367). The manuscript was among those donated in 1602 by the Dean and Chapter of Exeter to the Bodleian Library and subsequently rebound.

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