Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek, Aug. perg. 99 "Excarpsus Cummeani;' extracts from "Regula Benedicti;' Ps.-Jerome, "Breuiarium in psalmos"; Glossary "Rz"; Glossan. es "Rb," "Rd," "Re" ; Gl ossary "Rf"

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Charles Wright


142. Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek, Aug. perg. 99

"Excarpsus Cummeani;' extracts from "Regula Benedicti;'

Ps.-Jerome, "Breuiarium in psalmos"; Glossary "Rz";

Glossaries "Rb," "Rd," "Re" ; Glossary "Rf"

[Ker App. 14; Gneuss -; CLA 8.1078-1079]

HISTORY: A composite manuscript in four parts (Bischoff 1998-2014: 1.341, nos. 1628-30): Part 1 (ff. 1-36), from the second third of the 9c, contains the penitential known as the "Excarpsus Cummeani;' followed by excerpts from the "Regula Benedicti" and Pseudo-Jerome, "Breuiarium in Psalmos"; Part 2 (ff. 37-52) contains the Latin-Latin glossary "Rz" (mainly biblical, with some OE glosses) written in the 8/9c in the Lake Constance area, probably at the abbey of Reichenau (see CLA 8.1078), as was Part 3 (ff. 53-104; CLA 8.1079), of the same date, which contains the Latin-OHG glossary "Rb" on the Old Testament and the Gospel homilies of Gregory the Great, as well as two Latin-OHG alphabetical glossaries, one biblical ("Rd") and one to the Homilies of Gregory the Great ("Re"), both added in the early 9c, presumably at Reichenau; Part 4 (ff. 105-108), early 9c, also presumably from Reichenau, contains the Latin-OHG biblical glossary "Rf" (Bischoff finally regarded Parts 3-4 as one manuscript). For a concise explanation of the sigla "Rz" etc. (R = Reichenau) see Seebold 2001: 44 n. 1 ). OE glosses, most of which are also found in the "Leiden Glossary" (Leiden, Rijksuniversiteit, Voss. Lat. 4° 69; Ker App. 18; ed. Hessels 1906) occur in Part 2, which shows evidence of having been copied from an Insular exemplar, as does Part 1 (see CLA; Autenrieth 1982: 912).

The manuscript may be either of two glossaries listed in the Reichenau inventory of Reginbert for the year 821: 'Glossarum ex diuersis doctoribus excerptarum codex grandis I' or 'Item glossarum uol. I' (Holder 1906: 80, nos. 392-93; see Preisendanz 1918: 149). Holder identifies Part 1 as the manuscript listed in Reginbert's inventory for the years 823-838 as 'Hieronymi in psalmos quosdam lib. I.' (Holder 1906: 88, no. 36) and possibly as the manuscript listed in the inventory for the years 786-842 as 'In XX. secundo libello habentur diuersi paenitentiarum libri a diuersis doctoribus editi, et carmina diuersa ad docendum Theodiscam linguam, et de inuentione corporis S. Benedicti et cætera' (Holder 1906: 94), but the latter identification seems unlikely.

The alternative form of the manuscript's shelfmark, Aug. IC (earlier Aug. XCIX), is due to Martin Gerbert (abbot of St. Blasien from 1767) who in 1760 assigned roman numerals to the parchment manuscripts and arabic numerals to the paper manuscripts, with each series arranged by the relative size of the manuscripts in descending order ( on Gerbert's unpublished catalogue see Preisendanz 1918: 69-72). The parchment manuscripts from Reichenau (Augia diues) were assigned the designation "Codices Augienses pergamenei:' The number '86' on the cover refers to the unpublished 1791 catalogue ofJohann Nepomuk Bek (on which see Preisendanz 1918: 79-80, 266-67, with addenda in the 1973 reprint at 267; Hannemann 1974: 164). In the 1724 catalogue of Januarius Stahl the manuscript was no. 186 (see Preisendanz 1930: 203; at p. 199, Preisendanz gives the shelfmark of the volume containing Stahl's catalogue as J 433, but it is currently J 435). On the history of the abbey library, see Lehmann 1918: 222-31; Brambach 1891: 18-23; for the surviving manuscripts see Kramer and Bernhard 1989-90: 2.683-85. After the secularization of 1803, the parchment manuscripts and incunabula belonging to the abbey were sent to Karlsruhe (deposited 29 January 1805); on their subsequent history there, see Hannemann 1974. The fullest description is by Holder (1906: 256-60, with addenda 1970: 664). The most recent description of Parts 2-4 is Bergmann and Stricker 2005: 2.663-71, nos. 296 (I-III), with bibliographies. There is a digital facsimile at the Badische Landesbibliothek website <http:// digital. blb-karlsruhe.de/Handschriften/ content/titleinfo/ 192283>). For a dictionary of the OHG glosses see Seebold 2001 and 2008.

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