Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek, Aug. perg. 135 Extracts from Isidore and Primasius, conflation of Bede, "Commentary on Acts" and "Retractatio;' anonymous commentaries on Kings, Glossary "Ry"; Walahfrid Strabo, "Commentary on the Catholic Epistles"; Alcuin, "Liber manualis"

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Charles Wright


144. Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek Aug. perg. 135

Extracts from Isidore and Primasius, conflation of Bede,

"Commentary on Acts" and "Retractatio;' anonymous

commentaries on Kings, Glossary "Ry";

Walahfrid Strabo, "Commentary on the Catholic Epistles";

Alcuin, "Liber manualis"

[Ker App. 15; Gneuss -]

HISTORY: A composite manuscript of three parts (for descriptions see StS 4.404-5, 5.108; Holder 1906: 329-34, 674-76; Bischoff 1998-2014: 1.347, nos. 1658-59; Bergmann and Stricker 2005: 2.682-84, no. 303). Parts 2-3 may have a common origin, as Bischoff assumes, but Steinmeyer's and Holder's analysis of Part 3 as distinct from Part 2 is supported by the quire signatures, the change in the dimensions of the written space, and the fact that the last leaf of Part 2 was originally left blank. Part 1 (ff. 1-105) was written, apparently at Reichenau in the second third of the 9c, by a single hand in Carolingian minuscule, but with various Insular abbreviations, and contains extracts from Isidore and Primasius; a conflation of Bede's commentary on Acts and his "Retractatio"; an abbreviated version of Bede's commentary on the Apocalypse; pseudo-Augustinian sermons; and anonymous commentaries on Kings and the "Leiden family" glossary "Ry" with OHG and OE Glosses. Parts 2-3 (ff. 106-133 and 134-159) were written by several hands, probably at Reichenau in the last quarter of the 9c, and contain Walahfrid Strabo's commentary on the Catholic Epistles in Part 2 and, in Part 3, a partial copy of Alcuin's handbook compiled for Arno of Salzburg, with his commentaries on the Psalms and two letters, a Hiberno-Latin hymn, and the so-called "Carmen ad Deum" attributed to Theodore of Canterbury. According to Wilhelm Meyer, Part 3 was copied from Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Clm 14447; see Gretsch and Gneuss 2005: 10.

The manuscript as currently bound was certainly at Reichenau by the 15c, when the ex-libris 'lib(er) mon(asterii) augie maioris' was entered at top of f. 1r and the title-piece was supplied by Johann Pfuser (abbot from 1464-92) during the 1457 binding campaign, on which see Preisendanz 1918: 36, 87-95. According to Preisendanz 1918: 151, Part 1 is listed in the Reichenau catalogue of 842 x 850 as "Beda super actus apostolorum uolumina .UI' (Holder 1906: 99, nos. 153-58). Walahfrid's commentary on the Catholic Epistles in Part 2 is mentioned by Joannes Egon, De viris illustribus Monasterii Augiae Maioris (1630), Pars II, cap. XIII (apud Pez 1721: col. 658; cit. Preisendanz 1918: 227 /2), which does not mean that Part 2 was separate at that time, since Egon's list is organized by author; but if Part 3 is the item "In .VII. psalmos libellus .I." in the Reichenau inventory of 842 x 850 (cf. Preisendanz 1918: 100 [no. 200] and 174), it had not yet been bound with Parts 1 or 2. Parts 2 and 3 are itemized in the 1724 catalogue of Januarius Stahl (see Preisendanz 1918: 56-57, nos. 15 and 23a), in which the manuscript was listed as no. 54 (cf. Preisendanz 1930; at p. 199 Preisendanz gives the shelfmark of the volume containing Stahl's catalogue as J 433, but it is currently J 435). In the unpublished 1791 catalogue ofJohann Nepomuk Bek (on which see Preisendanz 1918: 79-80, 266-67, with addenda in the 1973 reprint at 267; Hannemann 1974: 164) the manuscript was no. 56, which is sometimes cited in early scholarship. The manuscript's alternative shelfmark Aug. CXXXV is due to Martin Gerbert (abbot of St. Blasien from 1764), who in 1760 assigned roman numerals to the parchment manuscripts and arabic numerals to the paper manuscripts; the parchment manuscripts from Reichenau (Augia diues) were assigned the designation "Codices Augiensis pergamenei:' (On the history of the abbey library, see the description of Karlsruhe Aug. perg. 99 [142] above, under "History:')

A digital facsimile of Aug. perg. 135 is available at the Badische Landesbibliothek website: <http:/ /digital.blb-karlsruhe.de/blbhs/Handschriften/ content/titleinfo/246446>.

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