Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Pal. Lat. 68 "Glossa in Psalmos"

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Peter J. Lucas


475. Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana,

Pal. lat. 68

"Glossa in Psalmos"

[Ker 388; Gneuss 909; CLA 1.78]

HISTORY: Written by Edilberict son of Berictfrid (colophon, f. 46r, ed. Gameson 2001: no. 6) in insular minuscule of the first half of the 8c, presumably in Northumbria, at a center where there was Irish influence, as the manuscript contains Irish as well as OE glosses. T he scribe used a system of marginal references to indicate sources, e.g., 'hir' = Jerome on f. 3r beside the commentary on Ps. 47:14-15 (McNamara 1986: 12, on the sources themselves 46-56); this method was adapted from one used by Bede (Laistner 1933; Gorman 2002: 258-61; Schipper 2007: 29-30). Later additions on f. 46v (McNamara 1986: 18), including the Frankish name 'CUNIBRAHT' (top), indicate that the manuscript was already on the continent when they were written, probably at Lorsch or Mainz, since these are the centers from which the Palatine manuscripts mostly come . A 12c inscription at the bottom of f. lr 'codex sancti' followed by an erasure may have read 'codex saneti nazarii' or 'codex sancti albani', as these are known forms of inscriptions in books from Lorsch and Mainz respectively. Together with others in the Palatine collection this manuscript was removed from Heidelberg to the Vatican in 1623 (see Montuschi 2014) . At the bottom of there occurs the early modern number '23 '. Modern binding of white vellum provided by the Vatican in common with other manuscripts in their collections. Modern foliation provided in the top right-hand corner of recto leaves.

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