Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Pal. Lat. 1746 Grammatical Texts

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Peter J. Lucas


476. Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana,

Pal. lat. 17 46

Grammatical Texts

[Ker App. 45; Gneuss -- ; CLA 1775]

HISTORY: An important collection of Grammars begun at Lorsch in Germany by hands of the end of the 8c, with further material added by hands of the early 9c. The older material is on ff. 1-10, and 72- l 26r. The material thus brought together came from different parts of Europe, probably filtered through the Carolingian court and St. Riquier in NW France ( cf. Law 1979), and relics of national content or scribal practice, presumably taken over from various exemplars, can be seen, including some OE glosses in item 7. The contents match those recorded in the 10c Lorsch catalogue (BAV Pal. lat. 1877, f. 30v/12-18, ed. Wilmanns 1868: 390-91, also [less clearly] Becker 1885: no. 37, §416 [ + 417?], and no. 38, §§71-2 [ + 73?)). On f. lr there occurs a 12c/13c Lorsch ex libris inscription 'Codex s(an)c(t)i nazarii i(n) laurissa' and table of contents written in black over the text that is faded or "washed" to facilitate clearer imposition. Later the manuscript was in the Palatine collection at Heidelberg, whence it was removed to the Vatican in 1623 (see Montuschi 2014). The manuscript has been heavily restored, with some apparent fusing of leaves on to new gutters, and tightly resewn in a 20c binding. Early descriptive notice in Migne 1850: cols. 879- 83, and recent description in Pelegrin et al. 1982: 392-5; with a brief notice in Buffa Giolito 1990: 16-18.

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