Oxford, Bodleian Library, Eng. Hist. e. 49 (30481)

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Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe


375. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Eng. hist. e. 49 (30481)

Old English Orosius (fragment)

[Ker 323, Gneuss/Lapidge 622]

HISTORY: Eng. Hist. e. 49 comprises two complete leaves of the Old English translation of Orosius, "Historiae aduersus paganos." According to Bately (1980), these leaves were used as the wrapper of an octavo book. Its history is unknown. Scragg (2012: no. 889) dates the script to the first half of the l lc. Stokes finds the features of the script "not sufficiently diagnostic " to permit an identification, but finds it "closer to ... Wulfstanian products" than to manuscripts of other scriptoria (Stokes 2014: 112).

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