Seed Library takes root at Greater Victoria Public Library
By Alyssa Polinsky.

Imagine being able to check out seeds for your garden the way you check out books from the library. Now you can do just that through the new Victoria Seed Library.

The Victoria Seed Library is a joint initiative of the Greater Victoria Public Library and LifeCycles, a local organization dedicated to cultivating community health from the ground up by connecting people, the food they eat, and the land it comes from.

The seed library will share seeds of locally adapted vegetables, herbs and flowers, and will give community members free access to the tools and knowledge they need to grow.

“We hope to encourage local food security and increase stewardship of our region’s biodiversity,” said Jennifer Rowan, Coordinator of Adult Programs & Services at GVPL. “It’s a terrific way for hobby and beginner gardeners to share seeds and other gardening resources.”

Membership in the seed library is free and includes access to seeds and other resources. Individuals must attend a member orientation to participate in the seed library.

“Members will also be able to share the seeds they collect from their healthiest or tastiest crops and return them to the seed library to share with others,” said Matthew Kemshaw of Lifecycles. “It will be a very rewarding experience for our members.”

GVPL has also scheduled a complementary series of gardening programming for the spring ranging from making garden journals to learning how to save seeds.

To learn more about the Victoria Seed Library go to

 Alyssa Polinsky is the Director of Communications & Community Development, Greater Victoria Public Library.