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Associate Editor Position 

About Gadfly 

          We are in the process of hiring new associate editors to fill our growing need! Gadfly is an independent, student-run Political Science journal that provides undergraduate students an avenue to showcase their research. Our scope extends to most manifestations of political inquiry such as original research, theoretical essays, reviews, and critiques, by undergraduate students, with all sub-fields included. This journal is a space where students can reach a broader audience through open access publishing. Our main aim is to facilitate undergraduate participation in academia. 

About the Gadfly Team 

          Gadfly has quickly grown to build a fun and diverse team of students interested in a rich dialogue around Political Science and other related fields. Unique perspectives and research interests are often encouraged. 

About the Position 

          The position of Associate Editor is an essential part of the Gadfly Editorial Team, responsible for reviewing manuscripts submitted to the journal for potential publishing. The Associate Editors will work with a team during the peer-review process prior to publishing, reviewing assigned manuscripts by providing constructive feedback for the author, and a recommendation regarding the acceptance or rejection of the submission to the Section Editor. The purpose of this position is to ensure that submitted manuscripts are thoroughly analyzed and evaluated to maintain a publication standard. 

          Applications, comments, and questions can be directed to A short paragraph of interest and personal biography should be sent to the above contact for those who want to work with the team.