The Integrated Assessment Journal is not accepting submissions at this time.

The Integrated Assessment Journal is an interdisciplinary publication aimed at addressing complex public policy challenges.

  • We invite articles on IA methodology. There are many challenges inherent in development of better processes for engaging the public in complex decisions. There are also numerous unaddressed issues in how to calibrate and validate complex integrated assessment models.
  • We invite articles on the theoretical challenges of integration across disciplines. These often involve bringing internal consistency to underlying assumptions of hitherto independent disciplinary knowledge.
  • We invite articles on applications of integrated assessment and evaluation of these in meeting participant, policy makers, and research needs.
  • We invite articles from the perspective of disciplinary experts who despair at the simplifications of their realm in integrated assessments. We would like to learn from them about vulnerabilities and errors inherent in such practices.

The Integrated Assessment Journal is a publication of The Integrated Assessment Society (TIAS)

Integrated Assessment. ISSN: 1389-5176