Mino-pimatisiwin-Living the Good Life to the Fullest Education grounded by Indigenous Knowledge to be able to Walk in Two Worlds

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Celia Deschambeault


The 2019-2020 (2020) Ministry of Education annual report gives us a strong indication that our Indigenous children are not doing well in education. This report substantiates that there is need for an alternative program to better meet the needs of Indigenous students. This data and reporting has been done through a westernized lens through the Ministry of Saskatchewan that do not take into account the cultural differences of Indigenous students. Currently, the Ministry of education provincial curriculum is written through western concepts where little bits of First Nations content is sprinkled into the curriculum. A whole new section on FMNI is available that currently segregates First Nations students into a box. This holistic model and conceptual framework allows for the natural process of highlighting Indigenous content that will be incorporated into current practices. It is currently being used at Meadow Lake Tribal Education and two of our nine schools are in the beginning stages of using the framework. It will allow us to look at education through a holistic lens that will meet the needs of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of our children. In turn, this model will support our Indigenous children to become more engaged in education and will allow for student growth by giving them the skills to be able to walk in two worlds.

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