Me7 knucwentwécw-kt e k7épes: “We Will Help Someone Who is Sick”

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Cara Basil


In the language of the Secwépemc peoples, “We Will Help Someone Who is Sick” is said as “Me7 Knucwentwécw-kt Swat ce re K7épes.” Esk’et is one of 17 communities in the Secwépemc Nation and our research partners who have helped us gain knowledge surrounding illness and end-of-life care from an Esk’etemc perspective to determine the feasibility of adapting the Nav-CARE program to suit the needs of Indigenous Peoples. Since 2021, we have embarked on a collaborative journey with Esk’etemc that has required establishing a respectful, meaningful, and reciprocal relationship between the “researchers” and community. The presentation will focus on sharing our journey of how we have nurtured our relationship from the outset of the research to where we are today—data analysis. Further, the presentation will provide insights into the knowledge Esk’etemc have shared with us surrounding the topic of illness and end-of-life, how the Nav-CARE program can address barriers and community needs, and the way the community has in-turn nurtured the graduate student in reconnecting with her grandmother’s community.

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Nurturing the Relationship between Community & Research
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Cara Basil, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver

St'uxwtews te Secwepemc