A New State of Organized Crime


Organized crime, cybercrime


Organized crime is often associated with traditional criminal groups, such as the mafia or outlaw motorcycle gangs. However new research suggests that cybercrime is emerging as new branch of organized crime. This paper is focused on the changing nature of organized crime and the factors that influence this shift, particularly in the online space. It will address the question: Can we identify cybercrime as organized crime? The results of this paper are informed by an in-depth analysis of peer-reviewed articles from Canada, the United States (US), and Europe. This paper concludes that cybercrime groups are structured and operate similarly to traditional organized crime groups, and should therefore be classified as organized crime. However, cybercrime groups are capable of conducting illicit activities that surpass those typically associated with traditional organized crime. This shift suggests that these groups may represent a larger threat creating a new challenge for law enforcement agencies.

            Keywords: Organized crime, cybercrime

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