Jove's Bodega: Compendium of Philosophical Inquiry, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2023

A Problem of Perception: Direct Realism and Representationalism

Zachery Nyvik
Cover Image of Jove's Bodega 2023 Compendium of Philosophical Inquiry

Published 2024-01-20


  • Perception,
  • Direct Realism,
  • Representationalism


Despite its conceptual palpability, intuitiveness, and common presumption, the Direct Realist theory of perception is not fully consistent with the scientific literature. If external stimuli are sufficient to produce percepts but unnecessary for their generation (as with dreams), then the veridicality of perception ought to be scrutinized as a valid scientific postulate. In this paper, I shall defend a Representationalist account of perception consistent with scientific literature, highlighting its empirical basis and its philosophical feasibility.