Vol. 2 No. 1 (2020): Simon Fraser University Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy

On Digesting

Published 2020-10-21


  • Digesting,
  • Analytic,
  • Continental,
  • Continent,
  • Regular,
  • Incontinent,
  • Constipated
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The following article, if it can be called an article, pays parodic tribute to Bertrand Russell’s seminal 1905 paper, “On Denoting.” It is a work of satire, meant to express the perplexity of a student who, upon returning to academic philosophy after a long hiatus, is confronted by Russell’s notoriously mystifying work on the very first day of class. Readers familiar with the original may notice several phrases reproduced verbatim. No disrespect is intended towards Russell, nor are the tone and content of this piece meant to disparage the serious work of other authors featured in this publication.