About the Journal

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The BCLA Browser was an online, open access quarterly publication that communicated and discussed BCLA activities and news, library-related issues, and topics of interest to BCLA members published from 2009 to 2014. The last issue was Volume 6, no. 4 (2014). 

The Browser welcomed submissions that communicated and discussed:
•    BCLA activities and news
•    BCLA member (personal, institutional, and commercial*) activities and news
•    BCLA Sections, Committees, and Interest Groups activities and news
•    Library related issues and topics of a timely nature,* including, but not limited to:
    •    Best practice
    •    Trends
    •    Education
    •    Policies/legislation

Submissions from BCLA members and non-members were welcome; however, preference was given to submissions from members and submissions that cover topics of interest to BCLA members.

The views and/or statements contained in BCLA Browser articles are not necessarily those of the BCLA. BCLA Browser. Acceptance of an advertisement or sponsorship does not imply endorsement by the BCLA.

* Submissions from commercial interests were considered, so long as the submission did not resemble outright marketing (for example, the inclusion of price lists). As noted above, the submissions were expected to communicate news or activities that would be of broad interest to BCLA members.