Coquitlam Public Library to receive New Horizons Grant


  • Silvana Harwood Coquitlam Public Library


It started out with our wandering around booths at the last BCLA conference in Burnaby.  There was a nice young man, willing to talk about what we could do to get a grant and get a nifty green bag to boot!  And all we had to do was attend an information session. 


I attended the session and, much to my surprise, I was the only one there from a public library.  With some help from my colleagues (who am I kidding, they had most of the ideas), Kathy Marino and I wrote up a proposal and sent it out.  Not having heard anything for months, I just figured it was a good exercise gone slightly astray.


But lo and behold, one call from a government official and I was walking around with a huge smile on my face.  Coquitlam Public Library has received a grant in the amount of $14,800 under the New Horizons for Seniors program.  The Government of Canada grant will be used to produce a book on the history of Coquitlam, which will be organized, written and illustrated by seniors, with the library assisting their efforts.  The book will be aimed at middle school levels and will include information about the natives of Coquitlam, as well as the many multicultural groups that formed the core of the early city.  Formal announcements of the grant will be forthcoming.  I am still smiling.

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Silvana Harwood, Coquitlam Public Library

Silvana Harwood is the Deputy Director of the Coquitlam Public Library






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