LTAIG to LTAS: What does this mean exactly?


  • Stephen Karr Library Technicians & Assistants Interest Group
  • Mary Afonso


LTAIG (Library Technicians & Assistants Interest Group) has grown considerably in recent years, as it has new regional chapters and an acclaimed mentorship program. We are now campaigning to become a section within BCLA. Becoming a section will give us a stronger voice within BCLA. We are circulating a petition, and we need the signatures of 10% of individual BCLA members for the petition to be accepted by BCLA. Find out how to sign the petition, and where you can take a look at the proposed Constitution and Bylaws.

Author Biographies

Stephen Karr, Library Technicians & Assistants Interest Group

Co-Chair of the LTAIG Communications Committee and Past Chair of LTAIG


Mary Afonso

Library Technician at the Vancouver Public Library and a Library Assistant at Langara College






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