New century, new acronym: Technology Advisory for youth


  • Yasmin Bashir Jamal


There is a saying that “ books work harder” in the Youth Department due to all the chewing, staining and backpack carrying that they endure every day. Did you know that technology has to work harder too! Our four presenters believe that Technology Advisory (TA) is an essential skill for youth librarians today. In a span of forty five minutes, Ozirny, Felkar, Longley & Hockin revealed their secrets to successful TA and tech programming for kids and teens. Attendees left with a bagful of ideas to bring value-added & embedded technology services for this age group in their libraries, leveraging on resident tech experts within their libraries and fostering technology community connections within their local communities.

Author Biography

Yasmin Bashir Jamal

C/O Kwantlen Polytechnic University






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