About the Journal

thirdspace is a peer-reviewed journal, offering work in English and French, that aims to present the best in scholarship on feminist theory and culture.

Founded in 2000, our goal is to produce a top-quality journal that demonstrates a wide range of applications for feminist theory and methodology. We envision a broad definition of studies in "feminist theory and culture" which can include, but are not limited to, development and applications of feminist theory; cultures of feminism and feminist movement (including academia); and feminist cultural studies.

The work of feminist theorists should be a foundation for all submissions, and submissions should seek in some part to develop, extend, contest, or create feminist theory and research. Highly empirical studies are as welcome as purely theoretical texts, but all should have their basis in feminist thought and research.

We welcome submissions based on original research from a wide range of disciplinary and geographical perspectives. Submissions from researchers working within, or among, the disciplines of history, geography, sociology, literature, area studies, cultural studies, film/media studies, education, law, and women's/gender studies are particularly encouraged.

Besides articles, the journal contains essays, articles on teaching and learning, and book reviews. Our online journal management system allows for the effective delivery of the journal as well as tools for research and commentary on published materials, available freely to all registered members.

We accept the submission of work from scholars of any rank or affiliation. Submissions in English and French are welcome, and our site generates both an English and French-language edition.

We also maintain a commitment to facilitate emerging feminist scholars in publishing their work, and encourage emerging and early-career scholars (including graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and new independent scholars) to identify themselves as such and to submit work for publication with us.

Please note that all submissions undergo an editorial screen to determine the suitability of each piece for peer review and publication. Final decision on the suitability of any piece for publication resides with the chief co-editors.

Our priority is enabling the publication of widely accessible feminist scholarship within the modern climate of a profit-driven and competitive publishing industry. To that end we have chosen an open-access model of online publishing that removes the significant financial and institutional barriers to access to scholarly publications.

thirdspace is not accepting submissions at this time.