Contradictions and Challenges in Canadian Family Law


  • Susan Barbara Boyd Chair in Feminist Legal Studies, University of British Columbia


family law, gender neutrality in law, legal and conceptual consequences of same-sex marriage, father's rights groups, persistence of patriarchal model of family

Author Biography

Susan Barbara Boyd, Chair in Feminist Legal Studies, University of British Columbia

SUSAN B. BOYD is a Professor of Law and holds the endowed Chair in Feminist Legal Studies at the University of British Columbia. She teaches Family Law, Women, Law & Family, Feminist Legal Studies, and Women, Law & Social Change. She initiated creation of the U.B.C. Centre for Feminist Legal Studies in 1997 and is its first Director. Professor Boyd researches gender and sexuality issues in the fields of child custody law and family law and has published many articles and book chapters in these fields. She recently published Law and Families (Ashgate 2006) with Helen Rhoades. Her book Child Custody, Law, and Women's Work was published by Oxford University Press in 2003, while Challenging the Public/Private Divide: Feminism, Law, and Public Policy was published by the University of Toronto Press in 1997. She published Canadian Feminist Literature on Law: An Annotated Bibliography in 1999. Her recent work focuses on resistance to feminist inspired legal change within neo-liberalism. She is also exploring shifting conceptions of motherhood within the law and the changing definitions of legal parenthood. Professor Boyd has been on the editorial board of the Canadian Journal of Women and the Law since 1986. She is Faculty Adviser of the Canadian Journal of Family Law. She has assisted non-governmental organizations such as the National Association of Women and the Law in relation to family law reform initiatives, and has worked with LEAF on interventions in Supreme Court of Canada cases in the fields of child custody law and spousal support law.