The interfaces of auto/biography, part one


  • Sophie Mayer Co-editor, /thirdspace/
  • Karen Dias Co-editor, /thirdspace/
  • Jenéa Tallentire Chief Co-editor, /thirdspace/

Author Biographies

Sophie Mayer, Co-editor, /thirdspace/

I'm from London, England originally, but now I'm based at the University of Toronto, doing a Ph.D. in English and Women's Studies. My thesis focuses on experimental women's writing from modernism to the present day, considering theories of female and feminist languages and their relation to the body. I have also written and presented/published on various aspects of popular culture, examined through various feminist theories, for example, strategies of re-visioning individual and national identity in contemporary feminist folk music.

Karen Dias, Co-editor, /thirdspace/

Originally from Vancouver Island, Canada, I received my BA in Political Science (1991) and my MA in Women's Studies (2003) from the University of British Columbia. I am presently doing my PhD in Human Geography with a minor in Feminist Studies at the University of Minnesota. My research focuses on the impact of forced migration, political violence and trauma on female refugees' wellbeing, food and body practices and sense of place. My general research interests span the body, trauma, food practices, disordered eating, space and place, critiques of biomedical discourses, feminist theory and feminist geography. I worked for the past six years as a counsellor specializing in disordered eating. I have traveled and/or lived in 21 different countries, including several years working in Japan and Switzerland.

Jenéa Tallentire, Chief Co-editor, /thirdspace/

Jenéa is co-founder and chief co-editor of /thirdspace/. She is currently an instructor in History at the University College of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Her PhD focused on defining marital status as a category of analysis for women's history, through the lens of single women in British Columbia from 1880-1930. She is also the web administrator for the Canadian Committee on the History of Sexuality ( and the founder of the Scholars of Single Women Network ( Her research interests include feminist theory, gender history, history of Whiteness and colonialism, and auto/biography.