Is Feminism Dead? Where Do We Go From Here


  • Cara A Minardi Georgia State University


women's history, young women, death of feminism


Written for the Feminist Workshops held at the 2008 annual Conference on College Composition and Communicationââ¬â¢s in New Orleans, this article is an attempt to answer the question, is feminism dead? The author argues that feminism is not dead, but difficult to recognize because it has been naturalized. Framing feminism as becoming is Gerda Lernerââ¬â¢s definition of feminist consciousness, which the author uses to demonstrate a historical pattern of feminisms as becoming. The author then turns to the contemporary scene to explore differing standards of feminisms for young women in order to demonstrate that the pattern of becoming continues in feminism today, vitalizing feminisms for the future.

Author Biography

Cara A Minardi, Georgia State University

Cara Minardi is a Ph.D. student studying Rhetoric and Composition at Georgia State University. In the spring of 2008, she earned a Certificate in Womenââ¬â¢s Studies. Her research interests include rhetoric and rhetorical theory, feminist theory, feminist history, and womenââ¬â¢s history. In her dissertation, she plans to recover womenââ¬â¢s intellectual activities in the ancient Mediterranean.