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  • Candis Steenbergen Concordia University
  • Robyn Diner Concordia University

Author Biographies

Candis Steenbergen, Concordia University

I am currently a Ph.D candidate in the Humanities Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program at Concordia University, an instructor for a self-made course called "feminist generations" at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, and a member of the volunteer editorial board of good girl magazine (www.goodgirl.ca). My work revolves around that messy spot that sometimes links and sometimes separates theory and practice - particularly with regard to feminism in the contemporary Canadian context.

Robyn Diner, Concordia University

Robyn Diner is a doctoral candidate in Communication at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. She is also part-time faculty at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute for Women's Studies at Concordia. Her dissertation is titled, "Bodies of Irony: Fleshing out Irony and the Unruly Female Body in Contemporary Feminist Performance." She has presented a variety of papers stemming from her dissertation at diverse conferences throughout North America. Her most recent publication, "Things to Do With the 'F' Word: The Ironic and Unruly Adventures of Liz Phair and Courtney Love," appears in the "Young Women, Feminists, Activists, Grrrls" issue of Canadian Woman Studies.