Collaborative Teaching across the Disciplines: Psychology Meets Feminist Theory and Literary Studies


  • Miriam L. Wallace New College of Florida
  • Chemba Raghavan


pedagogy, feminist theory, feminist psychology, Maracek, Benjamin, Stewart and MacDermott


ABSTRACT This essay, co-written by a visiting Psychology professor and a tenured English professor at a small liberal arts college, examines our experience teaching a collaborative class-unit of separate classes in Feminist Theory and Psychology of Gender. Despite personal commitments to interdisciplinary and cross-cultural scholarship, faculty obligations to a home discipline and even student commitment to disciplinary methodologies create particular difficulties for feminist teaching. This essay details a practical experiment within institutional parameters to create a truly cross-disciplinary experience for students. Student responses to the unit, obstacles to interdisciplinary work, instructorsââ¬â¢ reflections, and future directions for collaborative cross-disciplinary work are detailed.

Author Biographies

Miriam L. Wallace, New College of Florida

Associate Professor British and American Literature/Gender Studies New College of Florida

Chemba Raghavan

Psychology, Family Studies


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