Gender and Far Right Extremism


Right-Wing Extremism

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Rodriguez Guervos, L. (2023). Gender and Far Right Extremism. The Journal of Intelligence, Conflict, and Warfare, 6(2), 46–78.


In the media and within the literature, far right extremism has been noted as being hypermasculine in character. Yet, the framing of these movements as being male dominated, though accurate, obscures the roles that women play within these spaces. This study furthers the academic understanding of the phenomenon by presenting a comprehensive examination of the role of gender within far right extremism as a political ideology and within far right extremist groups. Gendered differences are found in the actual support for these movements and in the motivating psychological factors behind such support. Gendered differences are also present in the roles that men and women perform within these groups, with women functioning as violent actors, thinkers, facilitators, promoters, activists, and exemplars, but being unable to access leadership positions within far right extremist groups.
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