The Journal of Intelligence, Conflict, and Warfare (JICW) is a practitioner-focused research resource and a researcher-focused opportunity to impact policy and real-world security and defence decision-making. The JICW is a canvas for both researchers and practitioners to explore new and emerging security problems.  The journal aims to shine a light on new and emerging trends in conflict, security, and intelligence and brings to the fore issues that are under-researched. The JICW contributes to new understandings about emerging norms and new and unconventional actors by exploring hybrid and 5th-gen warfare and informing current discourse on emerging threats.

The purpose of the journal is to bridge distinct views on security issues and to address the current shift in global affairs, where the tension existing between the state and non-state actors is increasingly challenging state power and legitimacy. The JICW also examines the appearance of a change to the current international liberal economic order and collective security state of global affairs.