About the Journal

This journal site is an archive and new submissions are not accepted to Eco-Thinking at this time. Please visit the International Journal of Informal Science and Environmental Learning for new submissions and recent issues.

With the launching of the Eco-Thinking journal, the Institute for Environmental Learning and the broader sponsoring Global RCE Network aims to describe and support research with/in ecological and environmental learning as diverse and growing in its field of inquiry and respondent to a variety of international program developments and contexts. Research around ‘eco-thinking’ could be labeled under various genres: environmental education, global education, indigenous education, health education, eco-justice education, education for sustainable development, environmental learning, etc., however, what truly matters is that there are a broad range of perspectives and paradigms described that critically inform our work as educators and as researchers. This journal aims to describe a range of possibilities that exist around various contexts for research in ‘eco-thinking’ broadly defined.

In aiming to draw a collection of original research, the journal: Eco-thinking will document and richly describe aspects of diversity in ESD and environmental learning research from all corners of the globe. It does so in two ways: first, it aims to mirror a diversity of voices and cultures that are conducting research in an everbroadening and global field of inquiry; second: it will illuminate further potential for diversity in research by highlighting a range of methodologies that are salient in other fields and may have promise for the practice of research in ESD or environmental learning. Finally, it will make these finding accessible to both researchers and practitioners by publishing as an ‘open access journal’, and by providing research ‘summaries’ so that a broader range of readers can access the ideas we publish.