Acts of Reading and Gathering in Place: Our Stories so Far…


  • Hartley Banack University of British Columbia
  • A. Elizabeth Beattie University of British Columbia
  • Iris Berger University of British Columbia
  • Annie Montague University of British Columbia
  • David Strich University of British Columbia


This article maps the ongoing journey of our reading group’s investigation of outdoor and environmental learning and early childhood education as a form of conceptual and practical activism. The journey is presented as three ‘streams’ exemplifying the fluid, non-linear ways in which the reading group and our ideas appeared. Place, Environmental Education, and Activism are currents guiding our emerging understandings of the relations between activism, stories, local and global communities, and the importance of education happening outdoors. Our monthly gatherings act as confluences of these topics via readings of local and international papers, and contributions from our members, a diverse set of local and international academics, students, teachers and community organizations. We offer a glimpse into our learning, our dynamic journey, and our discoveries. We invite readers to enter these conversational streams, and to consider how a local outdoor reading group might become a form of activism in their own international contexts.



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Banack, H., Beattie, A. E., Berger, I., Montague, A., & Strich, D. (2016). Acts of Reading and Gathering in Place: Our Stories so Far…. Eco-Thinking, 1(1). Retrieved from