Lyre 12: Call for Submissions Now Open!

The phrase ‘new normal’ has been used extensively over the past year, but what does it mean to live in a ‘new normal’? This globally shared phenomenon, though keeping us apart, has also brought us together. As people around the world struggle through loss, disconnection, and fear, we are also united by shared perseverance, appreciation, and empathy. Which of these most accurately defines our current situation? What has changed to create this ‘new normal’, and what will never be the same? In the months we’ve spent stuck in the interiors of our minds and our homes, what have we learned about ourselves and our world? How have we had to adjust, and what do we have to do to heal?

Our Lyre 12 theme, ‘New Normal’, encourages responses to these questions and many more. Whether directly related to our current situation or not, we urge creative submissions that tackle themes of isolation, community, reflection, perseverance, tenderness, and connection.

We accept submissions in a wide range of formats: from poetry, translation, short stories, visual art, and more.

Early-Bird Deadline: February 28th, 2021

Final Submission Deadline: March 21st, 2021