“Love, Always Love”
a green cover with a glitch art style showing a person sitting at a desk with cell phone and TV

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Giffin, M., & Cheung, K. (2021). “Love, Always Love”: Conversations about un/settled with Otoniya J. Okot Bitek, Chantal Gibson, and Ebony Magnus. The Lyre, 12. Retrieved from https://journals.lib.sfu.ca/index.php/lyre/article/view/3833


Anyone who has taken the R5 bus downtown or walked near Vancouver’s Gastown in recent months has surely noticed un/settled. This art installation features the work of poet Otoniya J. Okot Bitek and artist-educator Chantal Gibson. These two artists worked alongside the Head of Belzberg Library, Ebony Magnus, to bring this exhibit to life. The Lyre is grateful to have spoken with all three collaborators about the accessibility of public art, expressing grief through creativity, and what it means to be un/settled.

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