Editorial Team

Lucie Price (she/her): Co-Creator, Head Editor  

Lucie is a flex Humanities graduate from Vancouver technical Secondary, and is now pursuing a double major in Gender and Women studies and Sociology at Simon Fraser University. She  decided to create this journal not only to share her love for the humanities but, to also create a space for students at Van Tech to publish their work and be able to share ideas and research. 

Chloe McDonald (she/her): Co-Creator

Chloe is a Flex Humanities graduate from VanTech. She is now pursue her undergraduate degree at McGill University, and will be taking a leave from Techne. 

Dale Martelli (he/him): Supervisor 

Dale Martelli is the head coordinator for the Flex Humanities Program and will supervising the creation of Techne

Nick Fallion: Manager, SFU Coordinator 

Nick Fillion is a associate professor in the department of philosophy at the Simon Fraser University and will be managing this journal and coordinating SFU.

Isabel Chumbe (she/her) (UBC): Mentor/Editorial Board 

Isabel is a second year Honours English Literature student at UBC. She joined Techne because she's always loved art in its various forms, and is very excited to be part of a program that supports and showcases the work of young artists! 

Caty Janze (he/she): Editorial Board 


Sophie Jillings (she/her) (UBC): Mentor/Editorial Board

Sophie is a third year English Literature student at UBC with another interest in creative writing. She joined Techne to foster meaningful relationships while focusing on writing and creating. Her goal with Techne is to work as a team to create a diverse and powerful set of pieces to feature in the journal.


Colby Payne (she/her) (UBC): Mentor/Editorial Board

Colby is a fifth-year student in the honours English literature program at UBC, with a minor in Russian; she is currently writing her honours thesis on Michel Faber’s Under the Skin. Outside of school she enjoys cooking and baking, watching movies, and spending time with her cat Finnick.

Avery Amara: Editorial Board

Tracy Huang: Editorial Board

Ashlyn Tsang: Editorial Board

 Hi everyone! My name is Ashlyn and I am delighted to be part of this team. This is my first time helping out with editing, so I am quite excited to work with a team and to create new ideas together! I see this new opportunity as a way to engage with others, while also gaining useful skills. Some of my interests include playing music as well as getting involved with volunteer work in my community. I decided to get involved in my community as a way to help others, which then brings me back to how much I look forward to helping out with this new journal! I hope to get to know everyone soon and to have a positive impact within the team. :) 

Iris Morgan Levey: Editorial Board 

Anika Wijesuriya: Editorial Board 

Xen Thiessen: Editorial Board 


Hugh Coleman (he/him): Technical Coordinator

Hugh is a Summit graduate from Vancouver Technical secondary. He has helped create the Techne website, as well as help with all other technical aspects.