Editorial Team

Lucie Price (she/her): Co-Creator, Head Editor  

Lucie is a grade 12 student at Van Tech, who has been in the Flex Humanities program since grade 8. She has decided to create this journal not only to share her love for the humanities but, to also create a space for students at Van Tech to publish their work and be able to share ideas and research. 

Chloe McDonald (she/her): Co-Creator, Head Editor

Chloe is a grade 12 Flex Humanities student at VanTech. Her main goal for this journal is to create a space that showcases student work that they think are the most important. She also hopes to create a space that puts typically unheard voices at the forefront. Overall she wants to make Techne an environment for one to be their truest self.

Dale Martelli (he/him): Supervisor 

Dale Martelli is the head coordinator for the Flex Humanities Program and will be Lucie and Chloe's mentor througout this project. 

Nick Fallion: Manager, SFU Coordinator 

Nick Fillion is a associate professor in the department of philosophy at the Simon Fraser University and will be managing this journal and coordinating SFU.

Isabel Chumbe (she/her) (UBC): Mentor/Editorial Board 

Isabel is a second year Honours English Literature student at UBC. She joined Techne because she's always loved art in its various forms, and is very excited to be part of a program that supports and showcases the work of young artists! 

Isabel Hrytzak (she/her): Editorial Board 

Isabel is a grade 12 French immersion student at Tech. She's always loved reading and writing, which is why she's so excited to be a part of Techne. With Techne, she's so thrilled to work with mentors to learn editing skills and collaborate with people who share her interest. she is looking forward to seeing what people create!

Caty Janze (he/she): Editorial Board 


Sophie Jillings (she/her) (UBC): Mentor/Editorial Board

Sophie is a third year English Literature student at UBC with another interest in creative writing. She joined Techne to foster meaningful relationships while focusing on writing and creating. Her goal with Techne is to work as a team to create a diverse and powerful set of pieces to feature in the journal.

Medina Khan (they/them): Editorial Board 

Medina is a grade 9 at Vancouver Technical Secondary, in the Flex Humanities program. They joined Techne to both get involved in the community, as well as to expand and build their academic profile and general skills. They're looking forward to work at Techne! 

Michelle Lam (she/her) (UBC): Mentor/Editorial Board

Michelle is a fourth year undergraduate student at UBC, studying English Literature and Psychology. She joined Techne to be able to enjoy a variety of new works, voices, and experiences as well as share her own. Her goal with Techne is to help produce an amazing work! 

Bridget Meehan (she/her) (UBC): Mentor/Editorial Board

Bridget is a fourth year English Literature major at UBC. In the next few years she has lots of aspirations, some of which include finally finishing her undergrad, getting a degree in journalism and also getting her education degree. In the long run, she'd like to be a high school teacher. She joined Techne because the program is something she would have loved to participate in when she was in high school. She is very passionate about writing, reading and the arts in general, and is always inspired to read other people’s work which often help her to strengthen her own skills. She am truly excited for the opportunities with Techne this year and to work with likeminded individuals who find joy in writing like she does. 

Colby Payne (she/her) (UBC): Mentor/Editorial Board

Colby is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying English literature at UBC. After working with UBC’s English undergraduate journal The Garden Statuary for three years, she joined Techne to support high school students in developing a platform to share and support the work of their peers.

Reese Saito (they/she): Editorial Board

Reese Saito is a grade 9 Flex student at Van Tech. She hopes the Techne journal will create a space in which Van Tech students can bond and collaborate through creative arts. Ultimately, she aims for a sense of community to be built with this project.

Hugh Coleman (he/him): Technical Coordinator

Hugh is a grade 12 student in Summit. He will be helping with all of the technical aspects of creating Techne, including the web design.

Megan Evans (she/her): Editorial Board

Megan is a grade 9 student in the Flex Humanities program at Vancouver Technical Secondary School. Megan joined the Editorial Board in hopes of gaining knowledge which she plans to use in future projects, as well as to get the opportunity to work with an experienced mentor, broadening her skillset in the literary world.