Lucie Price: Co-Creator, Head Editor  

Lucie Price is a grade 12 student at Van Tech, who has been in the flex hummanities program since grade 8. She has decided to create this journal not only to share her love for the hummanities but, to also create a space for students at Van Tech to publish their work. Techne will also be her CLC project for grade 12.

Chloe McDonald: Co- Creator, Head Editor

Chloe McDonald is a grade 12 flex humanities student at VanTech. Her main goal for this journal is to create a space that showcases student work that they think are the most important. She also hopes to create a space that puts typically unheard voices at the forefront. Overall she wants to make techne an environment for one to be their truest self.

Dale Martelli: Supervisor 

Dale Martelli is the head coordinator for the flex hummanities program and will be Lucie and Chloe's mentor througout this progect. 

Nick Fallion: Manager, SFU coordinator 

Nick Fillion is a associate professor in the department of philosophy at the Simon Fraser University and will be managing this journal and coordinating SFU.

Ruth Kashem: Editorial Board, Social Media Manager