Vol. 1 (2022): Techne
Writing Pieces


Michelle Emond
Vancouver Technical Secondary

Published 2022-06-16


  • monster, smile, beautiful, anger, pain, breath, Claire


The fictional short story “Torn” touches on the themes of “evil” in children being an outlet for their internal struggles and the ugly discovery of self-awareness. The narrative follows the actions and impulses of a young girl and a monster that lives atop her shoulder. She is faced with several conflicts where the monster will act against her will, to defend her, only ever doing more harm than good. Over time, she comes to think of being less of a guardian, and more of a parasite. Though after thinking of the monster as a protector, she is unable to reach out for help. The weight of the monster grows along with its hostility. The girl must choose if she can survive while those around her suffer, or if she will force the monster out of her life. She must tear it from her body.