Constructing the Nation Brand Strength Index: A Case Study of Turkey’s Nation Brand

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Selena Wong-Clayton


In an increasingly competitive international environment, countries turn to nation branding as a way of stimulating exports, attracting tourism and investments, and facilitating immigration. Therefore, in order for countries to be able to effectively manage their nation brand, they must be able to understand and monitor the development of their country image and competitive positioning over time. The purpose of this paper is to propose the Nation Brand Strength Index (NBSI) as an objective evaluative tool for assessing the strength of a nation brand. The study operationalizes the NBSI in order to conduct a detailed analysis of Turkey’s nation brand and describe the evolution and the impact of branding strategies. Findings from the NBSI show that in a changing international arena, there is a significant need for Turkey to better manage its branding strategies through an integration of policy and practical dimensions.

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Global politics past and present: new understandings, policy and legal decisions