Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of a New Piezo-/Ferroelectric Perovskite Solid Solution with High Curie Temperature.

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Svetlana Chen


Piezoelectricity is the ability of a material to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa. Piezoelectric materials are widely used as transducers in medical ultrasound imaging because they are able to act both a transmitter (electrical energy to sound wave) and receiver (echo soundwave to electrical signal).   

The piezoelectric effect is also harnessed in self-powered devices, such as sensors, because they are able to run on “waste” vibrational energy generated as a by-product. For example, a pump vibrates constantly while operating, this vibrational energy is sufficient to power a piezoelectric sensor, allowing for real time monitoring without the need for a battery or external energy source.

My project involves the synthesis and characterization of a piezoelectric material with a high Curie temperature, meaning that it retains its piezoelectric properties above 200OC. In my presentation I will detail my research on the modification of a known high temperature piezoelectric material, BiScO3-PbTiO3. I will show how its piezoelectric properties can be enhanced by integration of Bi(Zn1/2Ti1/2)O3 into the structure, resulting in a promising candidate for high temperature applications.

Faculty Supervisor:
Dr. Zuo-Guang Ye, Department of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University


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