Undergraduate students from all academic disciplines and units engaged in supervised research at SFU are encouraged to submit proposals for presentation at the Symposium. Eligible students are those who meet any of the following criteria:

  • are enrolled in SFU Honours,
  • have presented their work at SFU faculty or department sponsored research symposia,
  • participate in grant-funded research activities administered by SFU Research Services,
  • hold/have held an undergraduate student research award.

Interested undergraduate students should work closely with their supervisors on both the application and their presentations.

Contact us if you have questions about eligibility: ugrs@sfu.ca



All contest entries must be submitted using the template provided.

Begin by downloading the template and titling your template in the following format - LastName_UGRS2022.
The template asks you to provide both a brief description (50 words) and a longer abstract (250 words). The description will be used to promote your research talk at the UGRS. Your abstract will be published in the UGRS journal.

Please include your abstract in both the uploaded file and on the submission metadata page.

To learn more about writing an academic abstract, click here.



Step 1: Select the appropriate Section – UGRS 2022 Proposal Submission  

Step 2: Check that you have met the Submission Requirements (checkboxes must be filled in to continue). 

Step 3: Select Submit as "Author." 

Step 4: For "Article Component" select "Description and Abstract." Upload your submission file in the template provided

Step 5: Enter metadata: 

  • Title: This should be the title of your paper (you can ignore the Prefix and Subtitle fields) 
  • Abstract: This should be the same abstract from the submission template. 

Step 7: Review and complete your submission 



Research projects may be quantitative, qualitative, conceptual, theoretical, enacted, or practice-based. Here are some prompts to think about when preparing your session proposal as well as your symposium presentation: 

  • a well-defined research question/hypothesis
    • what are you curious about or wanting to find out or explore through your research?
  • a literature review
    • what have you read and who are the other researchers who are working in this area?
  • a clearly stated methodology
    • what have you done in your research and how have you approached that work?
  • and research findings, realized or anticipated
    •  what have you found out or do you expect to find out through your research work?



  • Clarity, coherence, and appropriate scope
  • Relevance and appropriateness to the Symposium’s goals
  • Accessible language and a clear proposed means of engaging a university-wide audience from across disciplines and subject areas
  • Contribution to academic research/disciplinary knowledge (potential or actual)