The Potential Threat of the Sinaloa Cartel to Canada


Sinaloa Cartel

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Tung, G. (2020). The Potential Threat of the Sinaloa Cartel to Canada : Production and Transportation of Fentanyl. The Journal of Intelligence, Conflict, and Warfare, 3(2), 40–46.


Since the first police bust of fentanyl in Canada in 2013, fentanyl may have become a more powerful and deadly drug than ever before (Howlett & Woo, n.d.). The Canadian healthcare system is likely impacted, with the likelihood of the situation worsening because of COVID-19. One of the possible reasons for this could be Canada’s role as a consumer in the supply chain of fentanyl. Accessibility to fentanyl is becoming easier with online purchases and delivery services, such as Canada Post (Brownell, 2019; Howlett & Woo, n.d.). This threat may continue as long as there is financial motivation for drug cartels, such as the Sinaloa cartel to transport fentanyl across borders with the assistance of China. Additionally, the success could potentially incite the production of more man-made synthetic drugs. Hence, in order to minimize this potential risk to Canadian communities, the direct impact Canada is facing must be addressed first.
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