Vol. 3 No. 2 (2020): The Shape of Contemporary Conflict
The Shape of Contemporary Conflict

As aspects of conflict and warfare evolve, the JICW has intended to expand discourse and knowledge around the shape of contemporary conflict. As the social environment continues to adapt to emerging technology, the contemporary conflict has arguably been influenced by new norms and values that come with an advancing society; this publication will therefore have a focus on 5G warfare, extremism, policing strategies, and social movements in order to expand the conversation and understanding of the variable currently affecting conflict and security threats today. A goal of the JICW is to publish research and informed opinions on security issues so that decision-makers, practitioners,  and academics may come to a better understanding of new emerging trends, threats, and patterns, both domestically and internationally. This publication hopes to bring together security, intelligence, and policy perspectives in various disciplines from around the world. 


JICW Editor-in-Chief
Candyce Kelshall